Bali Blood Bank

The Bali Blood Bank

The inspirational story behind this successful project was highlighted in The Rotarian Magazine - August 1999 – and is well worth reading . Below is a quick overview of the project’s current status and future needs.

The blood transfusion unit of Sanglah General Hospital in Denpasar, Bali serves a total of 5 million Indonesians plus the nearly 2 million tourists that visit Bali each year. In 1997, it was decided by the seven Rotary Clubs in Bali that the existing facilities were not adequate and that new facilities should be constructed and supplied with modern equipment.

Project Overview

Phase 1 – To construct a 600 square meter building. With the assistance of RC Hiroshima East, Japan (US$36,000), RC Traverse City MI, USA and District 6290 (US$ 60,000) the building was completed on April 5, 1999.

Phase 2 – To purchase two ambulances to collect blood in areas outside of Denpasar. The RC of Traverse City, MI, USA plus a Matching Grant purchased the ambulances in April 1999.

Phase 3 – To purchase new and used equipment for collecting, screening, processing, and storing blood. This is an ongoing program. In addition RC Traverse City, MI, USA and District 6290 have been very helpful in assisting us with our application for a 3-H Grant. This Grant has now been awarded in the amount of US$ 441,000. Our club, Rotary Club Bali Nusa Dua contributes by providing resources and knowledge to ensure that purchase of equipment is cost effective and the appropriate to local conditions.

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