Weekly Meeting – 07 January, 2010

Weekly Meeting – 07 January, 2010

District 3400/Club No. 28992



17 Rotarians attended. For details please refer to the List of Attendance.

Please refer to below List of Attendance.

01. Georges Capt. 02. Keith Bell. 03 Jon Zuercher

Guests:  Risto Poskiparta (guest of Axel Kneip)

President Martin Smyth
Opened the meeting by welcoming the guest and thanking the attending members. He briefed the floor on results from the earlier Board Meeting informing that:

1.    Karl-Heinz Schmelzer was confirmed as Secretary Elect for the tenure 2010/2011.

2.    Dave Lance having accepted his nomination as President Elect for the tenure 2011/2012 was confirmed for this position.

3.    The induction of Werner Gulba was postponed to 14.1.2010.

4.    The membership proposal of Risto Poskiparta was approved by all levels of RCBND.

5.    The New Year Launching Party will take place at the Nikko Hotel. Details will be provided later by Michael Burchett.

6.    Jon Zuercher was in charge on providing details on the Rotaract Gala Dinner scheduled for 6.2.2010.

7.    Mimi Inkiriwang was in charge of coordinating activities for the fun walk scheduled for 7.3.2010. The fun walk will contain elements of End Polio Now scheme.

Ari Murti
With immediate effect aids infected mothers can now be attended at Puskesmas in Nusa Dua.

Mimi Inkiriwang
The Orphanage Parties on 19.12.2009 were a big success. A special thanks to Michael Burchett for his support in organizing the events.

Jose Calle
Due to his intensive travelling he apologized for not having been able to attend many Rotary meetings in the past. That is also the reason for his stepping down as chairman of the Community Relation service within the Bali Hotel Association (BHA). One of the main charity activities of the BHA is the patronage of individual hotels over orphanages. His work there will be continued by Virginie Sandstron, GM of Harris Hotel, Kuta.

Nunie Kniep
Referring to the orphanage scheme Nunie proposed to add an element of home industries and agriculture aiming at making the orphanages more self supportive.

Bipan Kapur
Following the presentation of Daniel Elber regarding the Muntigunung “Future for Children“project, the Westin Hotel is now in contact with the project organizers buying their produce.

Edward Naus
Attention was drawn to a case where funds in an orphanage near Ubud had been misappropriated by the orphanage director. This being not a single case, close monitoring of the use of donations in orphanages is mandatory.

Werner Gulba
His initial reservations towards the orphanage parties taking place in star rated hotels were turned into the opposite by seeing the joy of so many children.

Risto Poskiparta
On behalf of Rotarian Oivind Heidalen visiting RCBND some time earlier a banner from RC Prosgrunn (Norway) was submitted.

Michael Burchett
Once more special thanks to Mimi Inkiriwang and Nunie Kneip for their work on the organisation of the orphanage party was extended.

Then the attending members were briefed on the New Year Launching Party which will be held at the OOLOOLOOS of the Nikko Hotel on 14.1.2010 commencing at 19.00.

The tickets will be available for net IDR 250.000 for adults and IDR 125.000 for children under 12. The admission of children under 3 will be complementary. The tickets cover cocktails and dinner. Beer and wine will be available at special rates. The dress scheme for the evening shall be “black and white”.

Guest speaker of the day was Rotarian Axel Kneip who outlined his life from pre-birth to today.

Birthdays & Anniversaries
PP. Edward Fitzgerald – 09 January

As there was no prize no Raffles tickets were sold.
Past winners owing prizes are invited not to further delay their contributions.

One fine of IDR 50.000,–was imposed on Jose Calle for being late and other offences.

Next meetings/events
14.01. 2010 New Year Launching Party

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