ADOPT A CLASSROOM at SLB-B (The Deaf School Bali)

ADOPT A CLASSROOM at SLB-B (The Deaf School Bali)

(Rotary Year 2003-2004)

I. Introduction
Founded in 1984 SLB-B has been helping deaf children lead more normal lives though education and job training. Operating as a non-profit organization, the school acts as an educational institution as well as an orphanage boarding some 55 of its students whose families are just too poor to care for their own children. As with all schools in Indonesia SLB-B is faced with chronic under funding that has worsened since the Asian economic crises. Subsequent terrorist attacks, first the WTC in September 2001 followed by the Bali Bomb Blast in October 2002 have had a severe negative impact on the local economy. The local Government has been forced to cut back on its already limited assistance, as have other organizations as everyone struggles to meet the needs of those affected by the Bali Bomb Blast amid dwindling source of funding.

II. Current Condition
Since its inception in 1984 the school has not had the budget or the funding to make any scheduled or preventative maintenance or repairs. The buildings are as they were built and have deteriorated over time. Same is true with the infrastructure and landscaping.

III. Project Overview
As mentioned previously since the onset of the Asian financial crises in 1997 SLB-B has had difficulty securing sufficient funding to maintain and operate the school and accompanying orphanage. The situation has been further excaberated with the downturn in tourism on Bali following the terrorist attacks on the WTC in September 2001 and the Bali Bombing in October 2002. Due to cut backs in government funding Ibu Mardani reports that the school now has difficulty in meeting the nutritional needs of the 54 children who reside in the orphanage.

In addition to the obvious concerns of a poor diet for young, developing children there are additional problems for students with special needs – particularly in maintaining alertness and attention in the classroom.

This project aims to accomplish three objectives. First, to help supplement the nutritional needs of the children who live at the orphanage by providing one balanced meal complete with meat each week, on Saturday at the conclusion of the ‘Kerja Bakti’ for the duration of the program.

Second, to help develop a sense of responsibility in the children by requiring that they actively participate in the repair and maintenance of the school facilities in order to be eligible for the meal programme.

Third, to teach the children basic painting and carpentry skills in a real life application.

Individuals and organizations will be invited to participate in this programme by donating the amount needed to repair and paint one classroom and provide two meals (Depending on the condition of the classroom it may take two weeks to repair and paint one classroom hence the need to budget for two meals). More complete information on the costs associated with this project can been found below.

slb-b students repairing their classroomSponsors (individuals or organizations) have the option to be recognised for their contribution by having their name placed inside the classroom above the door. For example, THIS CLASSROOM ADOPTED BY XYZ TOURS. The current estimate for a sponsorship is, as outlined above, Rp. 1,500,000.00 per classroom including one meal period. There are 26 classrooms and special education rooms and as such the first 26 donors would be able to adopt a classrooms – subsequent donors would be able to adopt a dormitory room.

The buildings at the school consist of either 3 or 4 classrooms – so it is possible for a company to sponor the renovation.

Rotary Club Bali Nusa Dua will participate in this by initiating and funding the repair and meals for the first twenty six classrooms. Donors can participate at any time. However, in light of the current economic conditions RCBND should be prepared for the worst and ready to fund the entire project over the course of two years.

NB. This project was approved and completed during Rotary Year 2003-2004.