Community Service Committee Minutes – 21 Jan 2010



21 January 2010


The meeting commenced at 11:30 am on 21 Jan 2010. 

Items discussed:

  1. Nunie proposed a project for a mobile clinic (details in attached).  The proposed project is for a mobile clinic to address a severe need for medical services in an area of Bedugul that has very limited access to lifesaving facilities.  She confirmed that 4 doctors have volunteered to staff the mobile clinic and the community will help support the operational costs of the clinic.


There were a number of questions regarding the funding of the project and ‘if’ the community could sustain the project as indicated.  Nunie was asked to come back to the committee after doing further research.

 She will present her findings at the next CS committee meeting to include – 1. a financial comparison of the total costs of the clinic compared to the income generated by the community.    (Chart a comparison of vehicle cost, operations and running expenses (oil, gas, maintenance, etc), replacement of medical supplies, payment for driver and others needed to fully function as a clinic, etc…. To…. Actual amounts that can be collected from the village). and 2.  she will provide a description of the medical services and use of the clinic as described by the doctors.

Nunie….please have 10 copies so members can review your findings.

  1. Frank proposed support for a local orphanage. (see details attached)

The intent of this project is to provide funding for a one-off renovation of the orphanage in Semarapura.  The approximate cost is 50 mm Rp to be used for physical renovation of the orphanage building and facilities. 

There were several questions regarding the status of the orphanage.

Before making any decision, Frank will come back to the committee with information regarding the legal ownership of the orphanage and property, the status of children in the orphanage, who manages the orphanage, and the registration information for the foundation. 

  1. Update from Ari on the HIV project status

After Ari and Dave presented the MOU and project overview to the head of the KPA, the KPA reviewed the documents and recommended several changes.  These changes will be reviewed by Ari and Georges who will revise the MOU.  If there are no conceptual changes, this new document will be presented to the KPA for signing. 

In addition, the milk feeding portion of the project will be separated from the original project and managed separately since the funding will not go through the KPA.  Ari and Georges will structure this part of the project. 

Ari will present these completed tasks to the committee at the next meeting in approximately 30 days. 

  1. Open discussion


One additional project was presented for ‘research’.  Mimi volunteered to research the feasibility of helping support a local community in a recycling project.  The project would involve purchase of equipment to facilitate recycling plastic waste into useable plastic material that could then be sold for profit. 

Mimi will research and report back at the next meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:45 pm.