Weekly Meeting – 11 February 2010

Weekly Meeting – 11 February 2010

District 3400/Club No. 28992



16 Rotarians attended. For details please refer to the List of Attendance.

Please refer to the List of Attendance.

01. Georges Capt, 02. Axel Kneip, 03 David Lance

Visiting Rotarians

Wolfgang Schreiner. Guest of J. Rosarius

President Martin Smyth
President Martin opened the meeting by welcoming the guest and visitors and thanking the members for their attendance. He briefed the floor on results from the earlier Board Meeting informing that:

  • The District Governor Elect Al Purwa had been notified on the election of Dave Lance as President Nominee.
  • Mimi Inkiriwang and CS Karl-Heinz Schmelzer will attend the PETS and DTTS respectively in Surabaya on 19/20 February with Karl-Heinz Schmelzer representing PE Bruce Jellard. Respective dispensation had been asked and received. As several PE from Bali RC’s are also not able to attend PETS on 19/20 February a repeat PETS is intended to be held at a later date in Bali.
  • A circular note on the procedure of how to propose a new member will be issued shortly.
  • President Martin Smyth had communicated to the DG the clubs readiness to contribute towards misappropriated funds by RC Banjarmasin.
  • The Chairpersons for the services Club, Community, International and Vocational are asked to submit reports on past activities.
  • The Club is to participate in a fun walk taking place on 25 April and Mimi Inkiriwang shall be the liaison officer towards other Rotary clubs of Bali.
  • Currently the web site of RCBND is being changed to a blog type publication and PP Wes is to make a presentation to the Board on the new features of the web site.
  • The Rotaract Charity Dinner held on 5 February was an extreme good event and the Club is proud to have such a proactive youth organization.

He then asked the board and floor to present or raise points of common interest.

PP Jo Rosarius
Reported five cleft lip operation conducted in January and thanked returning guest Wolfgang Schreiner for a donation of Euro 100.

Michael Burchett
Announced Jeanne Webb as guest speaker for 18 February. The presentation will be about the RED BOOK OF BALI, an advertising publication containing vouchers of various businesses. In March we will have an update on Rotaract activities and in April “My Life” by Jeff Matthews

Ari Murti
Presented a hand bag made by handicapped children from recycled rubbish as an outstanding sample of combining an environmental and social project.

PP Mercia Inkiriwang
Informed that the fun walk will be joint activity of all Bali Rotary Clubs and will keep the members posted as details become available.


Guest speaker of the day was Rotarian Monty Brown who outlined how his grand parents arrived in Hawaii at the turn of the last century, his love for the south sea and how he eventually arrived at Bali a couple of years ago.

Birthdays & Anniversaries
Karl-Heinz Schmelzer – 08 February
Jeff Matthews – 25 February

Tickets for IDR 370.000 were being sold. Past winner Martin Smyth brought a bottle of wine which was generously put up for auction by winner Monty Brown. It went for IDR 200.000. Past winners owing prizes are invited not to further delay their contributions.

Monty Brown generously donated two cartons of Lufthansa golf balls which were auctioned off for IDR 600.000.

One fine of IDR 50.000,- was imposed on Jose Calle for being late and other offences.

Next meetings/events
18.02. 2010 – Weekly Meeting

11.02.2010 – Board Meeting 11.00 to 13.00

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