Community Service Committee Minutes – 18 Feb 2010




DATE:  18 February 2010

TIME:  11:30 AM

VENUE:  Nikko Hotel

Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 11:35 am

  1. Nunie sent an email saying she could not attend so her follow-up was not presented
  2. Frank provided follow-up information to the previous discussion on the orphanage project. 
    1. It appears the orphanage is legally registered with an Indonesian foundation that exists and is recognized by the government.  He provided numerous documents to support the legal status of the orphanage, but they were not legible because of poor document quality.  He will attempt to acquire better copies.
    2. The open item is the legal ownership of the ‘property’.  Both Frank and Georges will attempt to review the documents and learn more about the ownership of the property. In addition, they will attempt to acquire a copy of the ‘land certificate’.
    3. Regarding the status of the children; The orphanage is for resident children who attend school at other sites.  Once the resident reach the age of 18 they must leave the facility. 
    4. A brief discussion was held regarding funding presuming that after we get the ownership issue resolved the Committee will approve the project.  Jo advised that there are sufficient funds in the budget for this project. Frank also mentioned that no cash will be dispersed to the orphanage; only materials specific to the project that will be purchased under his supervision.


3.  Mimi provided some details from her research into the possibility of a recycling project.  However, there are still many questions to be answered regarding the ‘concept’ of the project.

a. Dave will provide a specific list of questions to be answered and Mimi will pursue these before the next meeting.

b. In addition, it was suggested that Mimi contact Jeff Andersen who may be willing to assist her since he has a keen interest in Bali environmental issues.

4.  Ari did not attend the meeting so she could not provide details on the status of the HIV project.  However, Georges did indicate that changes had been made to the MOU and he needs Ari to review and discuss with the KPA.  The MOU is apparently ready for signing by RCBND president and the KPA.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:40 pm