Weekly Meeting – 4 March 2010

Weekly Meeting – 4 March 2010

District 3400/Club No. 28992



17 Rotarians attended. For details please refer to the List of Attendance.

Please refer to the List of Attendance.

01. Monty Brown, 02. Jose Luis Calle, 03. Bruce Jellard, 04. Bipan Kapur, 05. Priti Kapur, 06. Axel Kneip, 07. Jean-Charles Le Coz, 10. Frank Liepmann

Visiting Rotarians
Rtn. Johannes Westerveld, RC Hilversum West, Netherlands. Guest of PP Mercia Inkiriwang. (Johannes Westerveld and his RC had been involved earlier in the establishing of a library for handicapped children of SLBB.)

Jimmy Roland of Commonwealth Bank. Guest of PP Mercia Inkiriwang
Mario Tosatto, Akademik Media, Tanjung Benoa/Sydney

President Martin Smyth
President Martin opened the meeting by welcoming the guest and visitors and thanking the members for their attendance. He then briefed the floor on results of the earlier Board Meeting informing that:

  • A circular note had been issued regarding “membership drive” and “attendance”. He announced further steps aimed at intensifying efforts regarding member recruitment and member retention.

  • The Club is looking favourably into participating in ShelterBox, a Rotary sponsored instant aid program. ShelterBox responds to disasters all around the world delivering a pre-packed boxes with essentials for survival.

  • PP Mercia Inkiriwang and Karl-Heinz Schmelzer having attended the President Elect and District Team training seminar briefed the board on the results. A point of special mark was the introduction of Future Vision which will have financial implications and procedural effects on applying for and administering grants.

  • Preparations for the Fun Walk, a fund raising event scheduled for 25 April, are continuing. PP Mercia Inkiriwang representing our club, has been asked to raise serious questions regarding the financial viability of the scheme.

He then asked the board and floor to present or raise points of common interest.

Keith Bell
Thanked Andreas Menzel for bringing a fine bottle of red wine as Raffles price and Juergen Schreiber for fulfilling his obligation as a past Raffles price winner. Other past winners had unfortunately to be fined as a gentle reminder not to forget their contribution next time.

Andreas Menzel
Apologized for not having been able to attend most of the past luncheon meetings due to his business obligations and announced that this situation will continue for the foreseeable future. The attending club members thanked him with a big hand for donating IDR 2.500.000 to be used for a cleft lip operation.

Nunie Kneip
Also apologized for not having been able to attend the last luncheon meetings due to her obligations elsewhere including preparations for a charity tennis tournament organized by Bali International Women’s Association (BIWA) where she is a board member. In support of promoting this event her fellow BIWA board members, Lizzie McLean and Trish Clark made a short appearance. The tennis tournament will be held at the Nikko Hotel on10 to13 March concluded by a Gala Dinner at the Nikko on 13 March for which tickets are available at IDR 200.000.

Karl-Heinz Schmeler
Informed that Rotarians Ruetta and Jarmo Suominen visiting some time earlier, did sent, as promised, a flag of their RC Naantali, Finland.

Michael Burchett
Announced the speakers for this month:
11 March:  Dr.Denise Abe speaking on her experience in the public health sector
18 March: PP Mercia Inkiriwang briefing the floor on Future Vision Pilot program
25 March: Rotaract update.

None today.

Birthdays & Anniversaries
Keith Bell – 14 March

Raffle tickets for IDR 520.000 were sold. A voucher for a complimentary round of golf at NKG Club was won by Nunie Kneip. Past winners owing prizes, especially those having won at the New Year Launching Party, are reminded not to forget to make their contributions at the forthcoming meetings.

Fines of IDR 290.000,- were collected for all and sundry offences.

Next meetings/events
11.03.2010 – Weekly Meeting, 13.00

18.02.2010 – Community Service Committee Meeting, 11.30
18.03.2010 – Weekly Meeting, 13.00

25.03.2010 – Weekly Meeting, 13.00

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