Weekly Meeting – 26 August, 2010

Weekly Meeting – 26 August, 2010

District 3400/Club No. 28992


BULLETIN August 19, 2010

14 Rotarians attended. For details please refer to the List of Attendance.

Please refer to the List of Attendance.

8 Rotarians were absent with an apology. 01. Jose Luis Calle, 02. Bipan Kapur, 03. Priti Kapur, 04. Axel Kneip, 05. David Lance, 06. Frank Liepmann, 07. Ari Murti, 08. Karl-Heinz Schmelzer

Visiting Rotarians
Wolfdietrich Goettel, Rotary Club Queenstown, Singapore

Mr. Martin Aeschlimann, Guest of PP Jo Rosarius
Mr. Tom O’Brien, guest of PP Michael Burchettt

President Bruce Jellard
President Bruce Jellard opened the meeting welcoming the visitors and the guests and thanking the members for their attendance (especially Jeff’s sudden attendance).

He then summarized what was discussed in the ealier meeting with the Board about the new venue for the club’s luncheon meetings:

  • Thanking Jean-Charles le Coz and Nikko Bali Resort for having generously been hosting RCBND luncheon meetings already some 3 years, and it is time to move forward.
  • Informing that the Board has accepted an offer from Michael Burchett to move the club lucheon meetings into Conrad Bali, ìSpice restaurantî from October 7th, 2010 onwards. The cost of three course served lunch will be Rp 140,000 nett/pax and the drinks are 50% off from the list price.

President Bruce also delivered a copy of an article of HIV Testing and Counceling from Bali Post newspaper. Good publicity.

He then asked the board and floor to present or raise points of common interest.

PP Jo Rosarius
An additional Rp 10 million has been paid for Bali Clean and Green project, totaling Rp 30 million so far.

Jo also reminded about the press conference on Monday, 30th August at 10:30 in Sanur Paradise Hotel.

PP Michael Burchett
Michael introduced his guest Tom OíBrien from Mandarin Media. Tom will start to help the club especially in Bali Clean & Green project and also in general helping RCBND.

He also reminded about ìclean up beaches in Baliî-day on 27th August.

Guest Tom O’Brien
Tom told about intended activities of Mandarin Media in Bali. Tom has a long experience in Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. He raised the need to work close with the hotel and golf industry to get good back ground info when building media network.

Jeffrey Anderson
Brought regards from Istanbul.

Jeffrey reminded about Bali Clean & Green meeting on Friday 27th August at Rip Curl office, SunSet Road.

PP Mercia Inkiriwangr
Mercia Inkiriwang reminded about the seminars on 17/18 September at Sanur Paradise Hotel, Bigger, Bolder, Better and Public Relation.

Wolfdietrich Goettel
Brought regards from Rotary Club Qeensland, Singapore. Was very interested in hearing about Bali Clean & Green and told that in Singapore there are louzy projects, but lot of money. ñ Here in Bali it seems to be otherway round; good projects, but shortage of money.

Jeff Matthews
Happy to return to Bali.

Risto Poskiparta
Name sponsor for golf tournament not yet found; ANZ Bank turned down our proposal.

Bruce Jellard
President Bruce added, that Bali Classic tournament has promised to give all money they receive from their auction (minimum Rp 40 million) to Bali Clean & Green project.


Birthdays & Anniversaries

PP Martin Smyth – 12 August

Raffle tickets for IDR 320.000 were sold. Jeffrey won a Dim Sum lunch for four people donated by Keith Bell on the spot. Past winners owing prizes, especially those having won at the New Year Launching Party, are reminded not to forget to make their contributions at the forthcoming meetings.

No fines were collected.

Next meetings/events
30.08.2010 – Press conference Bali Clean & Green, 10.30

02.09.2010 – Board Meeting, 11.00
02.09.2010 – Luncheon Meeting, 13.00

09.09.2010 – Luncheon Meeting, 13.00

16.09.2010 – Luncheon Meeting, 13.00

17.09.2010 – BBB Seminar at Sanur Paradise Hotel

18.09.2010 – Public Relation Seminar at Sanur Paradise Hotel

20.09.2010 – Bali Clean & Green, ‘Clean up Bali’-day

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