Weekly Bulletin – 05 May, 2011

Weekly Bulletin – 05 May, 2011

District 3400/Club No. 28992



16 Rotarians attended. For details please refer to the List of Attendance.

Please refer to the List of Attendance.

6 Rotarians were absent with an apology. For details please refer to the List of Attendance.

Visiting Rotarians

Sylvia Alice, guest and wife of PP Wes

President Bruce Jellard
President Bruce Jellard welcomed the members, guests and the guest speaker.

He briefed the members on topics discussed and decided at the Board meeting held before the luncheon:

  • The Board gave the go ahead for two projects related to HIV proposed by Ari Murti.
  • a) 18 months nutrition for babies whose mothers are HIV infected, approx. IDR 11 million for the first 6 months.

    b) 12 months health service support and emergency assistance,
    IDR 6 million for the first 6 months.

  • The Board approved the support of the Cintanak project proposed by Edward Naus with an amount of IDR 30 million to be used for a capital project.
    Also under consideration is the continual support of the project. Cintanak provides care for mentally and/or physically handicapped children.
  • The Board is considering the cooperation with ROLE in one or two projects.
    The Community Service Committee is to scrutinize the projects in its
    meeting on 12 May.
  • The President outlined the cash and dedicated fund position of the club.

To be able to dedicate the amount of time that the position of Club President requires he is of the opinion that future Presidents should preferably come from the ranks of those not having a full time employment. He also suggested the Club to consider the employment of a permanent secretary/administrator.

The President then asked the floor to present or raise points of common interest.

Ari Murti
She gave an interview to the Bali Post that will be published in one of the next editions.

Keith Bell
He will be on leave as of next week until mid June.

PP Michael Burchett
He welcomed today’s guest speakers from BIMC. Proposals for guest speakers for the coming weeks are welcome.

PP Mimi Inkiriwang
She thanked PP Wes for agreeing to continue the administration of the Club website.
She presented a sample of a tennis shirt with one of the sponsor’s logos on it.

Gary Phair
He briefed the members on the latest situation regarding the Tennis Tournament.

  • The orphan tennis clinic at the Westin had been a big success. The kids had fun. Everybody had a good time.
  • The draw for the tournament shall be tonight.
  • There are fewer entries than last year which however was not unexpected.
  • The fund raising so far exceeds already last year.
  • The on line auction is still ongoing.
  • Towels had been donated which shall be auctioned at IDR 75.000,- each.

Risto Poskiparta
He distributed the roster for tennis volunteers a final time. The numbers of players registered so far may allow the use of two tennis facilities only so that the present number of volunteers may suffice.

PP Jo Rosarius
Three cleft lip operations had been paid for.

PP Edward Naus
Thanks to the guest speakers who bought five Raffles tickets each he reported a near record Raffle ticket sale.

Guest speaker Craig Beverridge from BIMC
A new BIMC hospital adjacent to hole 13 of Bali Golf & Country Club is currently under construction scheduled to be opened by 1 October 2011.

The hospital is to have three operation theatres, ward rooms and an ICU
and shall be equipped with state of the art facilities catering for three areas of service:

  • General hospital service
  • Dialysis centre
  • Cosmetic surgery

The hospital has been designed by an Australian architect firm specialized in the design of hospitals.

BMIC will work together with hotels in the area offering heath care packages.

An Australian plastic surgeon will work at and with Sangla hospital training Indonesian plastic surgeons.

Three villas will be built on the premises of the hospital for housing of foreign doctors.

BMIC intends to work together with hotel clinics and doctors in the area of general and first aid training.

For emergency services BIMC will maintain to ambulances.

BIMC will be linked with Singaporean hospitals to assist in reading of CT and MRI scans.

The President and the members thanked Craig Beverridge for his interesting presentation.

Birthdays & Anniversaries
Jose Luis Cale – 05 May
Monty Brown – 23 May
Risto Poskiparta – 29 May

Tickets for IDR 580.000,- were sold. A bottle of fine red wine was won by PP Bruce Jellard. Past winners owing prizes are reminded not to forget to make their contributions at the forthcoming meetings.

Fines of IDR 40.000,– were collected for all and sundry offences.

Next meetings/events
08.05.2011-15.05.2011 – RCBND’s 20th Annual Rotary Bali Charity Tennis Tournament
12.05.2011 – Community Service meeting, 11.00
12.05.2011 – Weekly Meeting, 13.00
19.05.2011 – Weekly Meeting, 13.00
26.05.2011 – Weekly Meeting, 13.00

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