Weekly Meeting – 27 October, 2011

Weekly Meeting – 27 October, 2011

District 3400/Club No. 28992



12 Rotarians attended. For details please refer to the List of Attendance.

Please refer to the List of Attendance.

9 Rotarians were absent with an apology. For details please refer to the List of Attendance.

Visiting Rotarians
Henk Pleijsier – RC Zwartewatersteden, Genemuiden, Netherlands

Nico Retschke, Marriott Courtyard Hotel, guest of Priti Kapur
Steven Lomax, Bali Theater, guest of Martin Aeschlimann
Joy Cartwright Gartner, guest of Jean-Charles Le Coz
David Phair, guest of Gary Phair

President David Lance
President Dave welcomed members and our guests and visitors.

He also informed, that we will induct Tressabel, as a new member in our next Thursday’s meeting.
President Dave reminded about the Rotary Institute on 2nd to 4th December, we need to give our support by good attendance.

Dave asked the Committee Chairs to give a short update and then let the microphone pass around the table.

Karl-Heinz Schmelzer
Gave an update about Waste Management Project by telling that we need at least 10 more days to get the project running, as some equipment will be delivered a bit late.

About HIV/AIDS project he reminded the club that the midwife training had started in Klungkung.

Puskesmas Nusa Dua MoU was signed last week and Mimi would control the malnutrition relief supplies and will start in due course.

PP Jo Rosarius
Reported no Cleft Palate operations this week – next week one more operation.

The bill of Mifta’s 3rd operation was almost IDR 11 million.

Martin Aeschlimann
Reported that the Vocational Service Committee is getting active and book deliveries for SLB-B will take place next week.

PP Bruce Jellard
PP Bruce gave an update about our charity golf tournament. We have secured a Hole-in-One prize, a Jeep, from Chrysler Indonesia. They became as the name sponsor with additional IDR 50 million sponsorship. Bruce also told, that we have got a good support from other golf courses in Bali so, that they don’t organize any tournaments on 12 November. Now we need to make sure that we will reach 110 golfers for the tournament.

Guest Steven Lomax
Stephen Lomax from Bali Theatre introduced himself, as a former SAA of RCBND and said, it is a pleasure to be back here. Stephen promised to approach the Club with a charity idea

PP Edward Naus
PP Edward Naus brought greetings from Princess Beatrix and the Crowned Heads of Europe after an enjoyable motoring holiday thru Europe and expressed his joy to be back in Bali.

Guest Joy Cartwright Gartner
Introduced herself as Director of Sales and Marketing at Nikko Resort & Spa.

Guest Nico Retschke
Introduced himself as a fourth time visitor.

Jean-Charles Le Coz
Reminded members about the SKAL Christmas Ball on 2nd December.

Susan Stein
Susan: was happy to be back from USA and Chicago. She visited at two Rotary Clubs; RC Chicago Financial District, the home of Rotary and RC Highland Park/High Wood, Illinois with two make up cards. She got a nice present from Chicago; a guide, where to send the visiting friends in Chicago.

Guest David Phair
Introduced himself.

Guest Rotarian Henk Pleijsier
Henk Pleijsier from RC RC Zwartewatersteden told, this was his third visit to our club. He has been a guest of PP Jo since his Club began supporting our Cleft Lip project with USD 15.000 via Matching Grant and was prepared to visit again in the future.

After all these comments, Dave wished us to enjoy the food.

Susan Stein
PP Michael reported that “This is your life” efforts from Martin A were not successful at this time. Instead, Susan Stein gave a nice brief report of activities in the RC Chicago Financial District like someone playing piano and singing during the fellowship time; also good examples about guidance for active listening as a manager.

Michael refreshed us about an old visiting friend Barry, who has a good solution to make polluted water as drinking water. Next time more about the topic.

Also a reminder: Fellowship evening will be held in lieu of the lunch meeting on 10 NOV 2011, at the Conrad Spice Restaurant. Our Rotaract club will be invited to attend. Members are encouraged to bring their spouses and guests to this meeting. The cost will be IDR200,000.- .

Birthdays & Anniversaries
Edward Naus – 02 October
Dave Lance – 29 October

Tickets for IDR 520.000,- were sold. The prize a bottle of Australias finest, donated by Gary Phair was won by PP Jo. Past winners owing prizes are reminded not to forget to make their contributions at the forthcoming meetings.

Fines of IDR 320.000,- were levied for all and sundry offences.

Next meetings/events
30.10.2011 – Training Seminar conducted by RCBND for Rotaract

03.11.2011 – Board meeting 11.00
03.11.2011 – Weekly Meeting, 12.30
10.11.2011 – Joint Rotary Rotaract Fellowship Dinner Meeting

Disctrict events
12.11.2011 – RCBND Charity Golf Tournament
02-04.12.2011 – Rotary Institute, Grand Hyatt, Nusa Dua

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