Weekly Meeting – 05 April, 2012

Weekly Meeting – 05 April, 2012

District 3400/Club No. 28992



18 Rotarians attended. For details please refer to the List of Attendance.

Please refer to the List of Attendance.

7 Rotarians were absent with an apology. For details please refer to the List of Attendance.

Visiting Rotarians and Rotaract Members


President David Lance
President Dave welcomed members and mentioned the upcoming handover dinner on 21 of June and mentioned that hoteliers are invited to support. President Dave then handed over to Current Vice President and President-Elect Risto Poskiparta to start today’s meeting.

Vice President Risto Poskiparta
Risto introduced the Agenda to be discussed and thanked members which already gave feedback and thoughts on how to lead the RCBND in the upcoming rotary year 2012-2013.

An active discussion started after the main course and a glass or two of fine wine (thanks to President Dave).

What (if anything) to change on the weekly meetings?

  • Dave mentioned to bring in more young people, but the members discussed that a certain quality must be maintained. Also the fact that really young members may not have the monetary funds to attend a weekly meeting was discussed, although it was decided not to move towards a two tier membership. Reinhold mentioned that mostly young members have no time to participate.

  • Another discussion point whether the focus should be on getting new members on board or rather activate all members which do not regularly show up. (Currently around 30%).

  • Edward Naus mentioned that the RCBND is a great and high profile club with high contributions to RI and excellent projects and he recommended that a strong focus should be on supporting existing projects and explore additional opportunities to serve the communit.

  • A fine / penalty was discussed for members not participating. The Club voted not to pursue such fines.

  • Jean Charles mentioned to reduce the time for eating (instead of 3 courses, a 2 course lunch should be enough) and reserve more time for discussions.

  • Edward questioned the venue and food selection moving forward. However Priti explained that a decision on keeping the venue has already been made. This is subject to the new management’s decision of the Conrad.

How to retain members?

  • Karl Heinz mentioned that engagement and assignment of duties is important.

  • Priti joined into this opinion by mentioning that assignment should be given from the beginning on. Meetings and projects that are relevant and a hands on approach of really making a difference.

How to recruit new members?

  • Karl Heinz mentioned that many former vibrant clubs e.g. in Jakarta are dying and that there is a need to recruit new members. It was discussed if there should be a goal for recruiting new members assigned to all. Prepare introduction material about RCBND, to be given to new member candidates. Much was discussed about getting young members already under the 1st point. Conclusion was that we need new members.

What changes would increase your participation in club service projects? What can get members more involved?

  • Bipan mentioned that each members have different and hence members should have different tasks. He mentioned that a focus must be on keeping up existing projects like the Golf Tournament. Encourage member engagement by ensuring that every member has personally participated in at least one service activity and one club social activity.

  • Ari brought up the fact that members can contribute different ways, which was discussed and all agreed upon: Either financially or with personal time.

What are the reasons you do or do not contribute to The Rotary Foundation?

  • Mimi brought up to raise a contribution of each member of 100 USD per year. Which seemed to have happened in the past already. On a side note Risto stated that we have to maintain our contribution of funds to receive a global grant from RI.

  • Target: Minimum US$ 100 contribution to Rotary Foundation Annual Programs Fund from each club member. This will have to be decided.

Other announcements

  • After the above discussions Risto presented the officers for the Rotary Year 2012 – 2013, in which one member was mentioned to have two positions. PP Wes mentioned that more voice must be given to each member to serve at / or elect the board and not to have too many positions carried by one person. The brought out principal was agreed. According to Risto, this year our problem was to have not enough candidates to be nominated for election. After some discussion PP Wes accepted the position as Vice President elect.

  • Next Club Assembly meeting on the 5th of July.

  • District Assembly is on the 14th of April in Sanur which will be attended by Risto and Mimi.

RCBND Board for 2012-2013

  • President: Risto Poskiparta
  • Vice President: PP Wes
  • Past President: PP Bruce Jellard
  • President-Elect: Karl-Heinz Schmeltzer
  • Executive Secretary: Priti Kapur
  • Sargent at Arms: Ari. Murti

RCBND Committee Chairs for 2012-2013

  • Rotary Foundation: Jo Rosarius
  • Intl Service: Mimi Mercia Inkiriwang
  • Community Service: Michael Burchett
  • Vocational Service: Martin Aeschlimann
  • New Generations: Gary Phair
  • Club Services: Edward Naus
  • Public Relations: Tressabel Hutasoit
  • Membership: Bipan Kapur

Birthdays & Anniversaries

No raffle today.

No fines today.

Next meetings/events
12.04.2012 – Community Service meeting at 11.00
12.04.2012 – Weekly meeting at 12.30-14.00
12.04.2012 – Tennis Tournament meeting at 14.05
14.04.2012 – District 3420 Assembly at Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel at 8.00

06-09.05.2012 – RI Conference, Bangkok

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