Weekly Meeting – 18 April, 2013

Weekly Meeting – 18 April, 2013

District 3420/Club No. 28992


BULLETIN April 18, 2013

7 Rotarians attended. For details please refer to the List of Attendance.

Please refer to the List of Attendance.

9 Rotarians were absent with an apology. For details please refer to the List of Attendance.

Visiting Rotarians and Rotaract Members
Janie Kitson, RC Adelaide East; Charles and Marlene Barnard, RC Ballajura-Malaga; Cors de Lindt, Alan Hougen and Gary Dickinson RC Abbotsford B.C. Canada; James and Louise Pannell RC Knysna, Capetown, South Africa; Theo Rathonyi Reusz RC Hanzy, Maple Ridge B.C., Canada; Malcom Darroch, RC Bulwell & Basford, Nottingham UK; Norimasa Morita RC Madden Betune Valbung, The Netherlands; Victor & Thelma Maris, RC Sylvan Lake, Canada

Rus Alit, Founder, Bali Appropriate Technology Institute; Carolyn Modra, guest of visiting Rotarian Janie Kitson; Nicole Rosarius, guest (and daughter) of PP Jo Rosarius

SAA Ari Murti
SAA Ari called Rotarians to order at 1.00PM following 30 minutes of fellowship and gave a special welcome to our visiting and re-visiting Rotarians.

President Risto Poskiparta
President Risto gave a special welcome to our visiting Rotarians (a record number of visiting Rotarians and a record number of clubs from around the world represented) guests and guest speaker, Rus Alit, from Bali Appropriate Technology Institute.

President Risto advised all present that this weekend at the Nikko Hotel, Rotaract Bali Nusa Dua would be inducting some 20 new members at their meeting at the Nikko Hotel!

President Risto also announced that a Tennis Tournament Committee meeting was held yesterday, Wednesday, and the committee now has two new members, Rtn. JP Petite and Ms. Joyce Newlan, a long time participant in the tournament and PR specialist.

President Risto then passed the microphone around for news, reports and introductions.

Ari Murti
Ari gave visiting Rotarians a brief overview of our HIV / AIDS project.

  • To date 174 mid wives have been trained.
  • RCBND’s nutritional supplement program has saved 40 babies thus far and 6 more babies will entering the program.
  • We are now providing 12 school scholarships to children whose parents are HIV positive and unable to work.
  • RCBND supports Kerti Praja Foundation a clinic that distributes medicine and assists HIV / AIDS sufferers and their families in many and various ways.
  • Ari has conducted HIV / AIDS awareness seminars around Bali reaching 320 participants thus far this year

Visiting Rotarian Alan Hougen
Alan mentioned that his club, RC Abbotsford in B.C. Canada was chartered in 1950, now has 75 members. Alan said that he understands that RCBND has a hare-lip and cleft palate program and advised that his club too has a hare-lip and cleft palate program.

Visiting Rotarian Theo Rathonyi Reusz
Theo, of RC Hanzy, Maple Ridge B.C., Canada, in lieu of exchanging a banner with President Risto presented a bottle of REAL maple syrup! Theo hoped that it could be used as a lucky draw prize at a future meeting. Great idea! Yum! :-)

Visiting Rotarians Charles and Marlene Barnard
Charles announced that he is President-Elect for this upcoming Rotary Year and Marlene would be Club Service Director. Charles also announced that his club, RC Ballajura-Malaga, supports an eye clinic in Denpasar.

Visiting Rotarian Norimasa Morita
Norimasa, originally from Japan and now living in The Netherlands, was happy to be at lunch with so many Rotarians from around the world and brings greetings from his club.

Visiting Rotarian Malcom Darroch
Malcom Darroch, told those assembled that he was President of RC Bulwell & Basford, Nottingham UK last year during its 50th year anniversary.

Visiting Rotarians Victor and Thelma Maris
Victor and Thelma mentioned that the are happy to be back for their second meeting and will be visiting the Rotary Blood Bank later this day after the meeting.

PP Martin Smyth
PP Martin advised that he has now been in contact with Bali Life orphanage and has received three proposals for ways to help the orphanage and will forward these to RCBND Board for consideration. As well Martin said that he is in frequent contact with the orgainisers of the fashion show / fund raising event and is looking for a venue – estimated attendance 200 persons.

PP Bruce Jellard
Two time Immediate Past President Bruce spoke about the upcoming charity golf tournament and invited all visiting Rotarians to return in November for a great day of golf.

PP Jo Rosarius
PP Jo gave a power point presentation of RCBND’s hare-lip and cleft palate program. Click here for details.

Visiting Rotarian Alan Hougen
Alan stated that eight years ago his club started a hare-lip and cleft palate program with Rotaplast and raised some $80,000 and went with doctors from San Francisco to Cebu, The Philippines performing 100 operations. Expressed an interest to learn more from Jo about our program.

Rus Alit, Director, Bali Appropriate Technology Institute
Rus gave a very interesting presentation on appropriate technologies for developing countries and poor communities. Rus, the youngest in his family came of school age the year the government opened a school near his village in Tabanan Regency Bali. From that humble beginning, Rus made his way to study in New Zealand. What impressed him most about his time in New Zealand was that ease with which people have access to water.

Upon his return to Indonesia Rus and a friend developed their first ‘appropriate technology’ application, methane gas and fertilizer production. World Vision took interest and hired Rus and it was with World Vision that Rus had the chance to travel throughout Indonesia and study local technology. One finding was that imported technology was often too expensive and unable to be maintained and in short order became worthless.

Now independent Rus founded Bali Appropriate Technology Institute where the goal is improvement, not perfection. People must be able to control technology, not be controlled by technology. Rus has now traveled to more than 50 countries in Asia and Africa installing and improving water collection, storage, filtration and movement systems for small, local communities.

Rus then showed a video of a project in Bali where he has adopted and improved the Ram hydraulic water pump to pump water from a river uphill 25 metres and some metres further to a holding tank in a remote village – all without an external electric or gas powered motor.

Currently Rus is advising on a project in the vllage of Ancut in Selat (northeast Bali). Should anyone want more information on this project or wish to assist, please send an email to Rus Alit.

Tickets for IDR 680,000 were sold. The raffle prize was a fine bottle of fine red wine and, as has been the trend, won by a lucky visiting Rotarian. Past winners owing prizes are reminded not to forget to make their contributions at the forthcoming meetings.

Fines: Being that members were on their best behavior the SAA could not find a single fault. Wait until next week…

President Risto thanked all our visitors and declared the meeting closed at 2.00PM

Next meetings/events.
25.04.2013 – Fellowship and lunch meeting at RIN 12.30-2.00PM

02.05.2013 – RCBND Board Meeting at RIN Lounge 11.00-12.30PM
02.05.2013 – Fellowship and lunch meeting at RIN 12.30-2.00PM

26-27.04.2013 – DISTRICT CONFERENCE D3420 Solo (City of Batik)
10-11.05.2013 – DISTRICT CONFERENCE D3410, Batam
06-08.12.2013 – ROTARY INSTITUTE, Taipei, Taiwan Registration Fee:US$180 Spouse: US$ 120

Birthdays in April
Dona Poskiparta, 4 April

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