Weekly Meeting – 17 September 2015

Weekly Meeting – 17 September 2015

District 3420/Club No. 28992


BULLETIN September 17, 2015

9 Rotarians attended. For details please refer to the List of Attendance.

Please refer to the List of Attendance.

4 Rotarian were absent with an apology. For details please refer to the List of Attendance.

Visiting Rotarians and Rotaract Members

Professor Dr. Luh Ketut Suryani, Cokorda Jaya Lesmana, Rudy Waisnawa and Magdalena Kegel, guests of PP Karl-Heinz Schmelzer
Lili Handoko, guest of PDG Panudiana Kuhn

SAA Risto
SAA Risto, called the meeting to order at 12.30pm.

President Dona Poskiparta
President Dona welcomed the members and guests. Dona announced that the secretary had emailed the membership applications of Dr. Klaus-Otto Paehler and Yuliatun Jasmani to all active members for their review and at this time members have nine days to respond.

As well, there are some additional potential new members, 12 in all, who have not yet been proposed.

She also announced that the Community Golf Challenge is on Saturday, September 19. John Bernd has volunteered to play for us, so that we will have a total of eight players representing RCBND.

President Dona then passed the microphone around for members and guests to make announcements if they wished.

PP Risto Poskiparta
PP Risto announced that sponsorship proposals have now been sent out to the main sponsors for our golf tournament in November.

Risto also mentioned us that Chris (also known as Helmet Man) from RC Bali Canggu now has 100 motorbike helmets for small children ready to deliver to us. Fwiw, these were paid for by an anonymous businessman. We must decide where to deliver/distribute the helmets. Twenty can go to the Garuda International Preschool, but we must also choose other recipient schools for the remaining 80.

Dewa Gunadi
Treasurer Dewa announced that he has already transferred annual dues money to the District. There are still seven members who have not paid their annual dues and requested those members (you know who you are…) to pay asap.

PP Martin Smyth
Rtn. Martin announced that after today’s luncheon meeting, he will meet with people from Tennis Bali to plan for the upcoming tennis tournament.

Dr. Professor Ibu Suryani
Ibu Suryani (above photo, centre), introduced her team from Suryani Institue:

  • Cokorda Jaya Lesmana (who is known as Cok Bagus), Ibu Suryani’s son, (above photo, second from left) is also a psychiatrist. He is a lecturer at Udayana University and practices at the Sanglah Hospital.
  • Rudy Waisnawa (above photo, second from right) is a photographer and film maker who has worked with Ibu Suryani to document her treatment program.
  • Magdalena Kegel (above photo, far right), who is from Sweden originally, has lived in Bali for a year. She has a background in mental health research and works with Ibu Suryani to measure and document the progress of her treatment program.

Ibu Suryani is a psychiatrist with many years of experience. She has developed a program for treatment of Balinese people with severe and persistent mental illness. Sadly, there are no public programs for treatment of such patients in Bali.

Ibu Suryani founded the Suryani Institute of Mental Health to try to help Balinese who have problems. She was particularly interested in suicidal people, and her research revealed that large numbers of them suffered from chronic mental disorders. The public health centers in Bali (and in Indonesia in general) are not equipped to deal with mental illness at all. They do not even have psychologists or social workers on staff. The hospitals give mentally ill patients medications when they are being treated as inpatients, but they do not educate patients or their families about how to deal with their illnesses once they are released from the hospital. Once the medications wear off, the patients relapse, and they do not follow up, since the treatment is perceived as useless. They end up confined to their homes, often in cages or restraints, sometimes for decades.

Ibu Suryani tried to develop a program to help patients using multiple modalities, including medication, meditation, social activities, and spiritual guidance. For a time, her program received government.

SAA Risto Poskiparta
With announcements and business complete it was SAA time.

Tickets for IDR 370,000.- were sold. A nice something or other was won by by someone and hopefully that someone will remember to bring a prize next week. Other past winners owing prizes are reminded not to forget to make their contributions at forthcoming meetings.

As time was already short, no fines were levied today.

With business concluded President Dona thanked members, visiting Rotarians and guests for their attendance and declared the meeting closed at 2.15PM.

Next meetings/events.
24.09.2015 – NO LUNCH Meeting – Indonesian public holiday.

01.10.2015 – Board Meeting with D3420 District Governor 11.00-12.30PM
01.10.2015 – Fellowship and lunch meeting at Bali National Golf Resort 12.30-2.00PM
08.10.2015 – Fellowship and lunch meeting at Bali National Golf Resort 12.30-2.00PM
15.10.2015 – Community Services Committee meeting at BNGR Board Room 11.00-12.30PM
15.10.2015 – Fellowship and lunch meeting at Bali National Golf Resort 12.30-2.00PM

Birthdays this month
03 September – Michael Burchett
22 September – Debra Levy
26 September – Ari Murti

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