Weekly Meeting – 07 April 2016

Weekly Meeting – 07 April 2016

District 3420/Club No. 28992


BULLETIN April 07, 2016

17 Rotarians attended. For details please refer to the List of Attendance.

Please refer to the List of Attendance.

3 Rotarians were absent with an apology. For details please refer to the List of Attendance.

Visiting Rotarians and Rotaract Members

Leon Naus and Robert Schneider, guests of PP Edward Naus
Astati, guest of Adjis Budidjaya,


SAA Risto
SAA Risto, called the meeting to order at 1.00pm.

President Dona Poskiparta
President Dona welcomed all. She then announced that the planning for our golf tournament on this coming Saturday April 9 is going well. Dona then presented a slide demonstrating we have news from our district that our club is in the Top Ten in Indonesia, based on membership growth and contributions (we are in position numbers 6 and 8 respectively, which is quite good) Hooray! Thanks to all members, we are in the Top Ten.

Dona then passed the microphone around the table.

PP Karl Heinz-Schmelzer
PP Karl-Heinz announced that the Board has approved funds for the Community Service Committee’s (CSC’s) project. Since 1 July 2013 RCBND has provided scholarships to 12 HIV-affected children. The program is scheduled to run for six years, subject to review from time to time. The cost is now IDR 1,200,000 per child per year. The implementation partner is Kerti Praja Foundation (KPF).

The CSC reviewed the project and voted unanimously to continue the scholarships. IDR 14,400,000 will be needed for the 4th year (1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017). Rotary Club Zwartewatersteden (RCZWS) donated Euro 5,000 (equivalent to IDR 72,780,833) toward an expansion of our current scholarship program.

The CSC proposes to add IDR 22,400,000 from Club funds to secure three years funding for scholarships for an additional 25 HIV affected children. The implementation partner will again be Kerti Praja Foundation. During the first year, IDR 30,000,000 will be required, composed of IDR 22,400,000 Club funds and IDR 7,600,000 from RCZWS funds. The balance of the RCZWS funds is to be put into a fixed deposit account. The program is to start on 1 June 2016, possibly earlier.

Guest Robert Schneider
Robert, a guest of PP Edward Naus, (above photo, right) introduced himself; he is originally from Switzerland and now lives nearby in Taman Mumbul, Nusa Dua. Welcome Robert!

Guest Leon Naus
Leon above photo left, guest and younger brother of PP Edward Naus is currently on holiday from Holland. Leon mentioned that this was his second visit to the club.

President Dona
Dona announced that after today’s lunch meeting today Karl-Heinz, Yulia, PDG Kuhn, and Harumi are going to play Sunset Golf. Dona invited anybody else who wants to play to join them.

PP Gary Phair
Gary took the floor to explain about the club’s social media efforts. We currently have three Social Media outlets, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Gary initiated the club’s social media efforts with FaceBook and has been quietly toiling away documenting, promoting and sharing the club’s activities. From a very humble beginning a couple years ago with no followers the page now has now grown to just under 300 followers. From Facebook we have received both Visiting Rotarians and Non-Rotarian guests curious to learn more about the club. Good work Gary! :-)

Sergeant at Arms
After Gary’s presentation, it was time for our SAA Risto and the weekly raffle.

Tickets for IDR 480,000.- were sold. The prize, a wooden statue donated by Rtn. Axel was won by Rtn. Harumi Hasimoto. Harumi and past winners owing prizes are reminded not to forget to make their contributions at forthcoming meetings.

No fines today. (Editor: I do believe I see a trend…)

President Dona thank everyone for joining today and then, with the golf course beckoning, the meeting was adjourned PROMPTLY at 2:00PM. ;-)

Next meetings/events.
09.04.2016 – 16 Annual Golf Tournament and Awards Dinner at Bali National Golf Resort, 10.30am-9.00PM
14.04.2016 – RCBND Board meeting at Bali National Golf Resort, 11.00-12.30PM
14.04.2016 – Fellowship and lunch meeting at Bali National Golf Resort, 12.30-2.00PM
21.04.2016 – Fellowship and lunch meeting at Bali National Golf Resort, 12.30-2.00PM
28.04.2016 – Fellowship and lunch meeting at Bali National Golf Resort, 12.30-2.00PM

Birthdays this month
08 April – Dona Poskiparta

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