Weekly Meeting – 14 July 2016

Weekly Meeting – 14 July 2016

District 3420/Club No. 28992


BULLETIN July 14, 2016

9 Rotarians attended. For details please refer to the List of Attendance.

Please refer to the List of Attendance.

2 Rotarians were absent with an apology. For details please refer to the List of Attendance.

Visiting Rotarians and Rotaract Members
Rtn. Christian Schild, Rotary Club Jakarta Central
Rtn. Sally Bellmaine, Rotary Club Bali Seminyak.

Mr. David and Mrs. Christine Velde, guests of PP Wes


SAA PP Risto
SAA for Risto, brought the meeting to order at 1.00pm.

President Dona Poskiparta
President Dona Poskiparta opened the Lunch with “a warm welcome” to all members and visiting Rotarians at this 1st Lunch meeting of the New Rotary Year 2016 / 2017. Dona then passed the microphone.

Rtn. Ari Murti
Informed all present that on Wednesday July 20, will be the Yearly Presentation to Kerti Praja, regarding the HIV /Aids Project supplies, namely: Milk formula for babies and HIV scholarships for affected children.
The meeting and presentation will be at Kerti Praja at Jalan Sesetan no. 270, Denpasar. For more details and exact meeting agenda please contact Rtn. Ari Murti. Everyone is more than Welcome!

PP Edward Naus
PP Edward announced a possible Guest Speaker for our July 28 meeting – Edward’s cousin Professor Doctor T.W.J. Janssen, PhD, from The University of Amsterdam, Holland, Faculty of Behavior and Movement Science is coming to Bali for Holiday. Since Prof Janssen’s specialty is SPORT & EXERCISE from REHABILITATION to PARALYMPICS, Edward has asked his cousin for a possible presentation regarding developments in this field.

Since our Rotary Club is involved in supporting disabled persons and sportsmen including Indonesia Paralympic Team member Nengah Widiasih the Board and present Rotarians during lunch approved this planned Guest speaker for July 28. Please come all to learn more about this topic!

President Dona
President Rtn. Dona, additional comments. After the microphone went around and no more comments were made, President Dona announced that the next RCBND Board Meeting was scheduled for 28 July with various discussions and decisions on the agenda. And since it will take some time for the members to study the outcome of the Board Meeting the next CLUB ASSEMBLY MEETING will be held on August 4th. The club Assembly will be a very important meeting and as such ALL Members should be present!

Christian Schild
Rtn. Christian Schild, past member of RC Bali Nusa Dua and current member of RC Jakarta Central, became involved in artificial limbs for people through the Rotary Club Jakarta Central. Through this, Chris became personally very much involved in the development of artificial limps and started development to produce artificial hands for people in need using 3–D printing technology.

A truly fantastic initiative what creates better life for numerous people in Indonesia. No Doubt….. Chris needs financial support to keep up with the demands of many more people who need HELP!!

For more details regarding 3D production and the good work of Rtn. Chris, please visit his Facebook page: Helping Hand Indonesia

With Christian’s presentation complete SAA Risto took the floor.

Tickets for IDR 440,000.- were sold. The prize, a nice something or other, was won by Someone Present. This week’s winner as well past winners owing prizes are reminded not to forget to make their contributions at forthcoming meetings.

IDR 50,000.- was collected for all and sundry offenses.

President Dona thanked everyone for joining today and the meeting was adjourned at 2:20PM.

Next meetings/events.
21.07.2016 – RCBND Board meeting at Bali National Golf Resort, 11.00-12.30PM
21.07.2016 – Fellowship and lunch meeting at Bali National Golf Resort, 12.30-2.00PM
28.07.2016 – Community Service Committee meeting at Bali National Golf Resort, 11.00-12.30PM
28.07.2016 – Fellowship and lunch meeting at Bali National Golf Resort, 12.30-2.00PM

04.08.2016 – General Assembly-Members Only, No visitors at Bali National Golf Resort, 12.30-2.00PM
11.08.2016 – No Weekly Lunch Meeting – Replace with Annual Handover Dinner Party Saturday 13 August.
13.08.2016 – Annual Handover Dinner Party at Bali National Golf Resort, 6.00-9.00PM

Birthdays this month
03 July – PP Gary Phair
12 July – Axel Kneip
17 July – Don Butera
21 July – PDG Panudiana Kuhn
26 July – Mirella Neumann

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