Weekly Meeting – 18 May 2017

Weekly Meeting – 18 May 2017

District 3420/Club No. 28992

BULLETIN 18 May, 2017

4 Rotarians attended. For details please check with the Secretary.

2 Rotarians are currently on leave.

9 Rotarians were absent with an apology. For details please check with the Secretary.

Visiting Rotarians and Rotaract Members

Brian Booker, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA guest of PP Wes


Acting President Karl-Heinz Schmelzer
Acting SAA Karl-Heinz, wearing THREE hats (SAA, Secretary AND President) today rang the bell to bring the meeting to order at 1.00pm.

Acting President Karl-Heinz Schmelzer
With President Dona occupied elsewhere and Vice President Edward traveling in Australia Secretary Karl-Heinz chaired today’s meeting.

Karl-Heinz reported how happy he is to be back in Bali after two weeks travelling half around the globe.

Rtn Ari Murti
Ari has been absent for the last several weeks while travelling to Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel. Welcome back Ari!

Ari relayed some sad news… one of the 12 HIV positive children our club for whom we are providing a scholarship has passed away.

Nonetheless with the new school term Ari will select another child and we will continue to provide scholarships for 12 children.

Ari mentioned that she will visit the prison in Karangasem tomorrow with a group of ‘likeminded’ individuals to see the conditions under which 12 juveniles aged 11 to 17 have been jailed for various offences. The jail is meant for adults only and is hopelessly overcrowded.

Emily Rowe is now attached to a new foundation trying to combat and prevent drug abuse. It is intended to invite Emily to a Community Service Committee meeting and/or a luncheon to explain more about her new assignment.

Ari advised that during the upcoming fasting month she will not attend the weekly luncheons but would come if the Community Service Committee met during that time.

Guest Brian Booker
He just returned from a 10 day diving excursion which took him to several islands. The underwater world was stunning. The trip’s highlight was the visit to the island of Komodo.

PP Wes
Wes informed that Syta Plantinga of Kolewa, Risto and he will have a meeting at and with Dharma Yadnya Hospital on 31 May at 13.00 regarding a new fee schedule for Cleft Lip and Palate operations both ongoing and future under an intended new GG. He invited Karl-Heinz and all others interested to join.

PP Martin Smyth
PP Martin as Club Services Chair informed the following meeting schedule:

  • May 18 – Regularly scheduled weekly meeting;
  • May 25 – No meeting. Public Holiday, Acension Day, Jesus Christ;
  • June 3 – Fellowship evening at Hugh and Henny’s home;
  • June 8 – Club Assembly. No Visitors. Date to be reconfirmed.

Martin explained that the Club Assembly will also have to deal with the situation of having to choose the President for RY 2017-2018 after the unexpected withdrawal of Adjis from this position. Also some other officers need to be elected.


No raffle today, still past winners owing prizes are reminded not to forget to make their contributions at forthcoming meetings.

No Fines were levied today.

After an enjoyable lunch Acting President Karl-Heinz thanked everyone for joining today and the meeting was adjourned promptly at 2:00PM.

Next meetings/events.
18.05.2017 – Fellowship and lunch meeting at Bali National Golf Resort, 12.30-2.00PM.
25.05.2017 – Indonesian public holiday, No weekly meeting scheduled.

03.06.2017 – Fellowship evening. 5.30 sunset cocktails, dinner to follow.
08.06.2017 – Club Assembly, No Visitors. Bali National Golf Resort, 12.30-2.00PM.
15.06.2017 – Fellowship and lunch meeting at Bali National Golf Resort, 12.30-2.00PM.

Birthdays this month
Jose Luis Calle, 05 May
Harumi Hashimoto, 06 May
Risto Poskiparta, 29 May

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