Weekly Meeting – 03 August 2017

Weekly Meeting – 03 August 2017

District 3420/Club No. 28992

BULLETIN August 03, 2017

13 Rotarians attended. For details please check with the Secretary.

4 Rotarians are currently on leave.

2 Rotarians were absent with an apology. For details please check with the Secretary.

Visiting Rotarians and Rotaract Members
Rtn. Sally Belmaine, RC Bali Seminyak;
Rtn. Stuart Barry, RC Accrington, UK

Mr. Nares from PT. Sukanda Jaya today’s guest speaker
Mr. David Herbert, Accor Vacations, guest of PP Wes


Acting SAA Martin Smyth
Acting SAA Martin rang the bell and called the meeting to order at 1.00pm.

President Edward Naus
President Edward welcomed members, visiting Rotarians and guests. The microphone was then rotated so that those present could provide relevant news and comment, or other pithy observations and insights. A selection of the more relevant are summarized below.

Secretary Hugh Brown
Secretary Hugh summarized the main discussion points of the Board Meeting held in the morning before the Lunch Meeting; these included:

  • Revised Club targets have been discussed and agreed for 2017/18, and these will shortly be available on the website for review.

  • The Club has a substantial annual program, requiring careful management. There is a projected funding shortfall of around Rp 70 million which is likely to impact activities by December unless measures are taken.

  • Fund raising ideas were discussed, with the two major activities for the year likely to center around the Club’s Silver Anniversary and include a Gala Dinner and a Golf Tournament.

  • The Board of course made a number of weighty decisions, and had unanimously decided that the tradition of monthly birthday cakes being provided by the Club was both expensive and unhealthy, and would be discontinued.

Rtn. Urs Klee
Urs advised members that he was now the GM at the Royal Tulip Hotel in Baturiti, on the way to Bedugul. Please visit… Congratulations Mrs! :-)

Rtn. Ari Murti
Ari reminded members of her forthcoming meeting on Tuesday August 8th with Kerti Praja and mothers and babies being supported by the baby milk program, and renewed her invitation to participate in this meeting. PP Gary advised that he also planned to attend.

Rtn. Henny Udy
Rtn Henny Udy advised that she had received an outline of our Rotaract group’s program for the coming year. A major objective will be to arrest and reverse declining active membership, which has fallen from 19 to 9 over the last 2 years. As Chair of the Fundraising Committee, she also expressed concern about the need to raise funds, and asked for any ideas and contributions from other members.

PP Eddie Fitzgerald
Vice-President Eddie, an old Mancunian, welcomed Stuart Barry, a visiting Rotarian from Accrington near Manchester. He also advised the meeting that he has received 40-50 small hand drums and proposes to donate these to an orphanage – he would like suggestions about where they might best be placed?

PP Karl-Heinz Schmelzer
Treasurer Karl-Neinz expressed regret that he could not attend the meeting at Kerti Praja, because PP Risto, PP Wes and he will be meeting with RSU Dharma Yadnya (Hospital) to further discuss the CLP program, and the MOU and pricing arrangements for the forthcoming Global Grant application.

PP Wes
PP Wes introduced today’s Guest Speaker Mr. Nares from PT Sukanda Djaja, a subsidiary of the Diamond Group and food importer, processor and distributor operating mainly in East Java, Bali, and NTB/NTT.

Mr. Nares from PT Sukanda Djaja

Mr Nares provided an extremely interesting description of the difficulties faced by food distribution in the region, particularly for fresh and frozen foods, which require reliable and good quality handling to ensure their quality is maintained. Other issues include:

  • Certificates are often difficult to obtain, and bureaucratic processes can be slow, cumbersome and not always transparent;
  • Importation of some products is not allowed because local goods are believed to be available, but often they are not of the quality required and temporary shortages reduce their availability;
  • Supply chain issues – e.g. frozen foods melt in transit because of localized failures of refrigeration;
  • Local products often high quality but handling technology may not be able to deliver quality products.

An interesting and extended question and answer session followed. Sadly, there was not enough time to get to all the questions and Mr. Nares was issued a standing invitation to return.

President Edward
President Edward presented Rtn Urs Klee with a Paul Harris Fellow plus 3 Pin, in recognition of his continuing financial contribution to The Rotary Foundation. Rtn. Urs reminded the club that when first envisioned climbing Mt Kilimanjaro that if successful he would donate USD1,000 to TRF and challenged the Club Members to match his donation if his ascent was successful – it was and had in fact raised $2000 for RI. Well done Urs!

The President also exchanged Rotary Banners with Visiting Rotarian Stuart Barry from Accrington (near Manchester) UK. (photo above).

Raffle tickets of IDR 700,000 were sold – The raffle was won (we thinks) by PP Martin Smyth, with the prize being a book on the History of Bali donated by PP Karl-Heinz. Martin (or whoever…) and other past winners owing prizes are reminded not to forget to make their contributions at forthcoming meetings.

No fines were levied today.

President Edward thanked everyone for joining today and the meeting was adjourned at 2:10PM.

Next meetings/events.
10.08.2017 – Fellowship and lunch meeting at Bali National Golf Resort, 12.30-2.00PM.
17.08.2017 – No Luncheon Meeting – Indonesian Public Holiday.
24.08.2017 – Fellowship and lunch meeting at Bali National Golf Resort, 12.30-2.00PM.
31.08.2017 – General Assembly – Members Only – 12.30-2.00PM.

Birthdays this month
Klaus-Otto Paehler 06 August
Axel Kneip, 12 August
Ian Cameron, 26 August
Yukimoto Masaharu, 28 August

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