Weekly Meeting – 19 October 2017

Weekly Meeting – 19 October 2017

District 3420/Club No. 28992

BULLETIN October 19, 2017


11 Rotarians attended. For details please check with the Secretary.

5 Rotarians are currently on leave.

3 Rotarians were absent with an apology. For details please check with the Secretary.

Visiting Rotarians and Rotaract Members



Acting SAA Martin Smyth
Acting SAA Martin rang the bell and called the meeting to order at 1.00pm.

Acting President Eddie Fitzgerald
With President Edward away for the next few weeks Vice President (and PP) Eddie Fitzgerald made his first appearance as the Chair of a Rotary Meeting (hooray :-) ) welcomed members and the President of Rotaract Bali Nusa Dua, Tiffany.

PP Karl-Heinz Schmelzer
Treasurer Karl-Heinz was pleased to note that the take-up of available Paul Harris Fellowship recognition points has now reached 50%, and he urged Members who had not yet done so to take advantage of the offer.

He also noted that Rotarian Urs Klee’s Secretary had written to the Club, expressing her and her family’s thanks to the Cleft Lip and Palate Program, which had enabled treatment to be provided to her nephew, who is now recovering well from his operation performed a month ago.

Rtn Henny Udy gave a brief review of the meeting of the 25th Anniversary Gala Dinner Committee, which had been held earlier in the morning:

Format: Gala Dinner for 250 pax, to be held in ballroom of one of the major Nusa Dua hotels, on Sat Feb 3rd 2018
Program to include:

  • Cultural performances at intervals throughout the evening, with design objective to showcase Rotary activities and recipients;
  • Raffles and Auctions for major fund-raising activities;
  • Band(s) and possible DJ, dancing;
  • Sponsors: major sponsorship drive will be held to secure funding support and Raffle/Auction prizes;
  • Rotary community to be targeted to participate;
  • RCBND Members must take lead in bringing friends to the function.

IPP Dona Poskiparta
IPP Dona welcomed VP Eddie to the Chair, and noted that a previous visitor from Hong Kong (Manuela), who in August had worked with Rotoract to provide an impromptu activity for a group of orphans, is proposing to return with a larger activity. IPP Dona proposes that the SMKN 1 scholarship group will participate in this activity. She also noted that Yuki and his friend Jerry, who had provided personal donations in support of the SMKN 1 scholarship program, would meet with the students to get to know them better, and to help personalize the program.

PP Karl-Heinz Schmelzer
PP Karl-Heinz in his role as Community Services Chair provided a brief update of the preparations for the Global Grant, noting that:

  • Axel was in Germany, and working on getting the German Rotary Club that wants to associate with the GG to formalize their commitment;
  • Risto has been working on the preparation of a MOU with the delivery hospitals in Denpasar that will provide the surgery and medical support;
  • A question that will soon need to be answered is whether the program should be delayed to allow for additional sponsors to join, thereby increasing the funding of the activity, or whether to proceed with the level currently available?

Rotaract Bali Nusa Dua President Tiffany
Rotaract Bali Nusa Dua President Tiffany provided a PPT presentation outlining the Club’s activities and current constraints, which are due in part to declining membership in addition to the difficulties faced by current active members in finding time from their work responsibilities, to participate in Rotaract programs. Despite these difficulties, the Club has a number of interesting activities, and it is very evident that the members are both committed and energetic.

Board of Directors:

    President: Tiffany Augusta

    Vice President: Agus Kartika

    Treasurer: Ngurah Mandala

    Secretary: David Setiawan


    Club Service: Risk Rahmawati, Sandy Manengkey, Made Dana, Bernadinus Phua

    Professional Development: Lisa Jayanti, Sinda Wirautami, Fabio Dewangga, Marcella Maretti

    International Service: Melia Vanessa, Avanti Megumi, Ni Wayan Shita
    Community Service: Desak Sarasmi, Raditya Bagas

    Finance: Agus Kartika, Moena Prabawa, Rai Wiguna, Joni Afriansyah

Plan for remainder of 2017-2018 Rotary Year:

  • October: DLT (District Leadership Trainee)
  • November: Branding
  • December: HIV/AIDS Campaign & Christmas Celebration
  • January: PETS / DTTS
  • February: Valentine’s Day
  • March: World Rotaract Week
  • May: RDC 2018 (Malang)
  • June: APRRC 2018 (Philippines)

And of course… Rotaract Goes to School! Program

It was suggested that the Rotaract Club could work more closely with RCBND, and to this end it was suggested by Treasurer Karl that RCBND could provide funding support for activities if approached by Rotaract to do so.

Raffle tickets of IDR 650,000 were sold and a number of vouchers donated by Henny and the winner was… Rtn Debra (AGAIN!!!!). Debra and other past winners owing prizes (well only Debra at this point…) are reminded not to forget to make their contributions at forthcoming meetings.

Another fine meeting…. (no fines were levied today).

There being no other business President Edward thanked everyone for joining today. The bell was rung and the meeting adjourned at 2:10p.m.

Next meetings/events.
26.10.2017 – Fellowship and lunch meeting at Bali National Golf Resort, 12.30-2.00PM.

02.11.2017 – Fellowship and lunch meeting at Bali National Golf Resort, 12.30-2.00PM.
09.11.2017 – RCBND Board meeting at Bali National Golf Resort, 10.30-12.30PM.
09.11.2017 – Fellowship and lunch meeting at Bali National Golf Resort, 12.30-2.00PM.

Birthdays this month
Edward Naus, 02 October
Urs Klee, 21 October
Hugh Brown, 27 October

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Board of Directors and Service Chairs

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