Weekly Meeting – 07 June 2018

Weekly Meeting – 07 June 2018

District 3420/Club No. 28992

BULLETIN June 07, 2018


11 Rotarians attended. For details please check with the Secretary.

3 Rotarians are currently on leave.


Visiting Rotarians and Rotaract Members
PP Patricia Wyatt, RC Bristol, UK
Rtn Louisa Harding, RC Caroline Springs, Melbourne

Ms. Amelia Gamboa
AA Bagus Adijaya and Agung Katon, Guest speakers from Yayasan Kerti Praja


SAA Martin Smyth
SAA Martin, ever eager to take lunch, rang the bell calling the Meeting to order promptly at 1.00pm.

President Edward Naus
President Edward welcomed welcomed 10 other Members, 3 guests and two members of Kerti Praja as guest speakers, and a pleasant surprise to have such a good and diverse turnout!

Rtn. Brian Booker
Rtn. Brian was warmly welcomed back after a prolonged absence, caused by unexpected medical issues that took longer than expected to resolve. He is back now and is settling in for what he expects to be at least a year.

Visiting Rotarian PP Patricia Wyatt
PP Patricia Wyatt, of RC Bristol mentioned that her Club was the first in Bristol, UK, 100 years ago, has 63 active members and hosts alternate lunch/evening weekly meetings (an idea worth considering for RCBND?).

Visiting Rotarian Louisa Harding
Rtn Louisa of RC Caroline Springs, West Melbourne reported that RC Caroline Springs is a new club with 26 members, all ages. Several GPs are members, and this provides opportunities for activities that provide medical support to disadvantaged families.

PP Martin Smyth
PP Martin read out an email message from Gary Phair, who is continuing treatment for leukemia in Queensland, and seems positive about progress.

PP Karl-Heinz Schmelzer
Treasurer PP Karl-Heinz provided a brief overview of the current position of the CLPP Global Grant – at last the first tranche of funds have been received (some US$88,000), and everything is now in readiness to begin the next batch of operations.

PE Hugh Brown
Secretary and PE Hugh Brown advised members that there is a Handover Dinner being organized, to be held on Saturday 23 June. Details will be provided asap, but please reserve the evening for Members and friends!

Bpk Agung Adi and Agung Katon

Bpk Agung Adi and Agung Katon gave a presentation and update of the Activities of Yayasan Kerti Praja (YKP):

YKP has been RCBND’s delivery partners in the HIV/AIDS program for many years. YKP was established in 1992 by Dr Wirawan, who is still extremely active, and Rotary has been working with them for more than 20 years. The Foundation provides a range of services to HIV/AIDS affected women and children:

  • HIV/AIDS prevention – outreach services to sex workers and affected groups;
  • STI screening and treatment, taking at-risk clients to clinics for check-ups; providing medicines for those who need them
  • Testing and treatment: provides around 300 person-tests per month, and around 1000 patients take ARV medication each month
  • Prevention of transmission mother > child; takes pregnant infected mothers to private clinics or PUSKESMAS
  • Mitigation activities – provide income-generating training for patients; cash and other support where needed; milk for babies to reduce the risk of transmission;
  • Funding – staff salaries paid by Global support groups, by GOI programs and by activity partners such as Rotary, and from local donors.

For more information please visit YKP’s website http://kertiprajafoundation.com/

At the closure of an extremely interesting presentation, President Edward thanked the presenters and Ibu Dona who provided the translation!

With discussion over and a very enjoyable meal finished, PP and SAA Martin took the floor to draw the raffle.

Raffle tickets of IDR 750,000 were sold and nice bottle of Chardonnay wine, was won by guest Amelia Gamboa. PP Martin reminded past winners owing prizes not to forget to make their contributions at forthcoming meetings.

Fines of IDR 0,000.- were levied for all and sundry offences.

President Edward then exchanged banners with our Visiting Rotarians.

There being no other business President Edward thanked everyone for joining today. The bell was rung and the meeting adjourned promptly at 2:05p.m.

Next meetings/events.
14.06.2018 – Fellowship and lunch meeting at Bali National Golf Resort, 12.30-2.00PM.
21.06.2018 – Fellowship and lunch meeting at Bali National Golf Resort, 12.30-2.00PM.
23.06.2018 – D3420 Joint Handover all club boards. Sanur, Bali 6.30pm
28.06.2018 – Last Lunch Meeting of the Rotary Year at Bali National Golf Resort, 12.30-2.00PM

Birthdays this month
Yuliatun Jasmani, 20 June

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