Weekly Meeting – 22 November 2018

Weekly Meeting – 22 November 2018

District 3420/Club No. 28992

BULLETIN November 22, 2018


9 Rotarians attended. For details please check with the Secretary.

3 Rotarians are currently on leave.


Visiting Rotarians and Rotaract Members
Philip Tan, RC Cebu West, Philippines
Bobby Pacana, District 3860 DGE, RC Metro Cebu, Philippines
Heidi Wolle, RC Arvada Sunrise, Denver, Colorado, USA

Ms. Heather Shout, VIM BDIC, guest of PP Gerrit Ten Veen


SAA Edward Naus
SAA Edward rang the bell calling the Meeting to order at 1.00pm.

President Hugh Brown
President Hugh welcomed members, visiting Rotarians and guests and quickly passed the microphone for news and views.

PP Karl-Heinz Schmelzer
PP Karl-Heinz as Treasurer reported that it was busy week at the bank transferring IDR125 juta for the Cleft Lip and Palate program that included payments to RSU Dharma Yadnya (operations), Yayasan Kolewa (accommodation) and Bali 911 Dental as well as another IDR 33 juta for the Goodie Bags.

PP Karl also repeated the current offer to increase RCBND’s participation in the upcoming GG for the Bali Blood Bank offering 2 club recognition points for each dollar donated. I.e. you can earn 1 Paul Harris Fellowship level for every USD500 (while supplies last… ;-) )

And finally, for those not present last week, PP Karl announced that the club received a clean audit report for RY 2017-2018. A Big Thank-you to Rtn. Reinhold for sparing his accountant for this work.

PP Risto Poskiparta
PP Risto reminded everyone that we need to sponsor 350 Goodie Bags for the 26th Annual Orphanage Christmas Party at the Grand Hyatt Bali. Sponsorships this year are IDR125,000.- per bag.

Looking ahead, Risto reported he had already had contact with Bank Mandiri to sponsor next year’s Golf Tournament and will now begin looking for dates with Mark.

PP Wes
PP Wes mentioned that he had received an email from RC Como (Perth) seeking to participate in our CLP program again this year. Very nice surprise and encouraging that they have confidence in our stewardship of their funds. PP Karl has replied that with our GG we now have enough funds until early 2020 and request they earmark the funds for prosthetic legs. We will see…

PP Gerrit Ten Veen
PP Gerrit passed on the apologies of today’s Guest Speaker who is still in Malaysia for medical treatment. But as luck would have it we have three very interesting Visiting Rotarians Gerrit has asked to share some highlights of their club activities.

PP Gerrit then happily announced that all systems are go for the Orphanage Christmas Party and suggested that members bring their friends to see one of our activities.

Visiting Rtn. Heidi Wollw
Rtn. Heidi gave a brief overview of her club. There are two other clubs in her small town. RC Arvada Sunrise was chartered 15 years ago and holds its meetings in the morning.

The club’s tagline is “Small but Mighty”

  • RC Arvada Sunrise sponsors two Rotaract Clubs!
  • Rvery Friday morning members and community volunteers gather under a bridge and pack 4,000 meals for Denver schoolchildren. Most children receive meals at school Monday-Friday but may not getting proper meals on the weekends. Program started with two RC Arvada Sunrise Rotarians at one small school and is now a community program. All children at the supported schools receive the meal packs.
  • Starting Libraries in Africa. Have started 200 libraries in Kenya.
  • Also supporting rain water harvesting in Africa with sustainable goals of raising fish and green houses.

Rtn. Heidi commented on the diversity of Rotary helps to open our eyes to the opportunities around us.

Visiting Rtn. Bobby Pacana, RC Cebu West
Rtn. Bobby told the assembled that he was first a Rotarian 26 years ago and quit. Then after much success rejoined to give back to the community. Rotary is not always easy, being a Rotarian means giving your time and all your projects depend on volunteers…

Rtn. Bobby’s focus is to get the corporate sector more involved in the community. His RC Metro Cebu’s projects centre around free cataract surgeries, water sanitation and operation smile (free cleft lip and palate surgeries). Editor’s note: Sounds like we have a sister club in Cebu! ;-)

PP Philip Tan, D3860 DGE, RC Metro Cebu
DGE Philip briefly informed us that there are 2,500 Rotarians in 94 Rotary Clubs throughout D3860 with the clubs are scattered among many several islands.

  • Cebu may, unfortunately, be best remembered as the epicentre for Super-Typhoon Haiyan in 2013.
  • The Philippines are quite reliant on Grants from TRF to fund projects.
  • Will take a copy of Outcast, Rtn. Ari’s book on HIV/AIDS for ideas for his District.
  • 11 million Filipinos are working abroad.
  • D3860 spearheaded the efforts to host the Pilipinas Rotaract Convention or also known as PRoCon, an annual gathering of all the Rotaractors from the ten (10) Districts in the Philippines.
  • Next RI Convention will include Rotaractors…

A Big Thank you to our three impromptu Guest Speakers with a group banner exchange.

Finally, being the 4th Thursday in November (and the 4th anniversary of our weekly luncheon meetings being hosted at Bali National Golf Resort) the last order of business was to thank the staff at BNGR with the proceeds of today’s raffle! Looking forward to another Great year….

Then it was SAA time with PP Edward…

Raffle tickets of IDR 1,300,000 were sold with Rtn. Brian winning a delightful bottle of Cilean red wine. Congratulations Brian! Rtn. Brian and other past winners still owing prizes were reminded not to forget to make their contributions at forthcoming meetings.

And the hits just don’t keep coming… another lovely Thursday afternoon with no Fines… ;-)

There being no other business President Hugh thanked everyone for joining today. The bell was rung and the meeting adjourned at 2:15p.m.

Next meetings/events.
29.11.2018 – No Lunch Meeting.
29.11.2018 – Monthly Fellowship Dinner at GaRaSi Restaurant in Balangan.

06.12.2018 – No Lunch Meeting.
06.12.2018 – 26th Annual Orphanage Christmas Party, Grand Hyatt Bali, 2.00-6.00PM

13.12.2018 – No Lunch Meeting.
15.12.2018 – Annual Christmas Dinner Party, Art Cafe Nusa Dua, 6.30 onwards

20.12.2018 – Fellowship and lunch meeting at Bali National Golf Resort, 12.30-2.00PM

27.12.2018 – No Lunch Meeting, Christmas / New Year break

03.01.2019 – No Lunch Meeting, Christmas / New Year break

10.01.2019 – Fellowship and lunch meeting at Bali National Golf Resort, 12.30-2.00PM

Birthdays this month
Brian Booker, 14 November
Mark Holland, 15 November

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